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We offer beginner training classes that are designed to be inclusive for any level of experience. Whether you have come from our puppy class or haven’t done any previous training, this class will be helpful to guide you through how to better communicate with your furry friend.

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Welcome to Unite Canine Training

Unite Canine Training was built on the premise that there are no bad dogs — only misunderstood dogs and uninformed people. We vowed to provide the best quality of care possible to ensure no dog is ever left behind. 

Our dedicated trainer, Colton, will teach you how to strengthen communication between you and your dog through methods that are easy to execute and create long-lasting results. With the knowledge and tools to take the guesswork out of training, we set you and your pup up for success with a healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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Our Group Classes

At Unite Canine Training we believe in a balanced training approach to create a happy and confident dog. All our programs run in small class sizes to assure that you get all your questions answered and plenty of personalized attention from the trainer.

Puppy Class

Training your dog from the very beginning is a crucial step in achieving a lifetime of positive and balanced behavior. Unite Canine Training helps you get over those first obstacles of puppyhood such as potty training and sleeping through the night. The beginning months of a puppy’s life will stick with them forever.

Beginner Class

Congrats, you’ve made it through puppyhood, or perhaps you’re new to this whole dog parent thing and have just adopted a furry family member. No matter the case, our beginner classes are designed to be inclusive for every range when it comes to training. This class is best for dog parents who are looking to build a basic foundation and foster a strong relationship with their dog.

Intermediate Class

Our intermediate classes build on the foundation set during beginner class while adding in new challenges and obstacles. Here you’ll master everything from basic commands such as: sit, down, stand, stay, to loose leash walking, greetings, recalls and more. We move from mainly short leash work to longline work.

Small Dog Beginner Class

This "Small Dog & First-Timers" class caters to all ages (8 weeks and older) and dogs 45lbs or under, perfect for those seeking a training experience with smaller pups. All behaviors are welcome, though an assessment is recommended for dogs with moderate to extreme reactivity before enrolling. The class covers everything included in our Beginner Class.

Board and Train

Unite Canine Training's Board & Train Program offers a structured, immersive solution for out-of-town owners or those seeking intensive training. Tailored to address basic obedience, complex behaviors like reactivity or aggression, or even intermediate obedience with optional e-collar recall training, program lengths range from 2 weeks (basic manners) to 6 weeks (severe behavioral challenges). Weekly updates keep you informed of your dog's progress.

Private Class

Unite Canine Training offers personalized, private sessions for those welcoming a new furry friend, struggling with busy schedules that clash with group classes, or facing behavioral challenges best addressed in a one-on-one setting. We cater to your learning style and comfort level, offering training at your home or our facility.

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Client Love


Colton is a fantastic dog trainer! He brings experience from a variety of different approaches to give you the tools to train your canine friend in a personalized manner that works best for you and your dog. He has helped my wife and I immensely in training or Berner in a way that fosters love, respect, and trust between us. Highly recommend him for anyone looking to train a dog of any age to be a happy part of the family.

Cory Niedjalski

Colton did a great job with my very naughty now 1 year old bullterrier! I walked in with a very stubborn puppy who refused to come when called and zero leash skills, I walked out with a puppy who walks great on a leash now and comes when called most of the time! I would recommend Colton to anyone who wants help getting their dog to be the perfect family member!

Bailey Underwood

Colton is amazing! I know everyone always sees puff reviews like this but honestly. This guy is the real deal. He takes so much time and care with everyone, group classes or solo lessons. When we started his class our dog was screaming the entire time because he wanted to play with the other dogs so bad. When we finished, he was sitting across the room staring at me while all the other dogs walked circles around him. This guy knows dogs. Just go with him. Seriously. You're welcome.

Scott Hansen

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